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Emelie was a seven-year-old little girl when she experienced her first meeting with the world of circus. It was love at first sight. She grew up in Norrköping, Sweden, and in her hometown there was a circus where you could go and train after school. Circus became her passion and soon she was a part of “Olana truppen”, an elite group of girls doing hand to hand and pyramids on each other. Olana was for many years her second family and together they travelled and participated in different festivals in countries like Italy, Germany and Switzerland. 2002, when Emelie was 12 years old, they were a part of the show of the swedish version of Eurovision Song Contest on TV and that year they also got the great honour to perform at the Nobel Banquet in Stockholm, where the swedish king was in the audience.


When Emelie was 15 years old, the other girls decided to go their on paths in lives, doing other things. In that period the dance training, which she earlier had been doing parallel with the circus, came to take a bigger part in her life. However, her passion for circus was always greater, so one day when she was 18 years old, she was asked to come and work with the fantastic circus perfomer, Erik Ivarsson. She was then more than happy to once again be a part of the circus life. This was the beginning of a long and great collaboration and this was also when Emelie decided to order an aerial silk and a book to start create her own act. An act, which one year later took her to places all over the world.


Later on, a trapeze act, followed by a unique contortion act have taken place in her repertoire and today she´s making her audience feeling welcomed and touched by her lovable charm and stunning charisma all over the world.



“Charisma is the transference of enthusiasm.”



“… a very sympathetic artist with a great character..”

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